Maras, Peru

the Salt mines of Maras, Peru 

I heard about these salt mines before I headed to Peru last month, and decided it would be best to catch them at sunset, given the reflective qualities of the salt pools. I went with a guy I met in Germany who was en Cusco, I hired a driver from the hostel #kokopelli (which i highly recommend) in order to avoid the tourist crowd. We stayed till after the sun had completely gone away and at the end had a brief encounter with a small boy who was collecting salt for his family. We ended up giving him a lift out of the canyon and some candy for good vibes. Great experience, much worth going to if you get the chance. 

Nikon DF

A few photos from my new beloved Nikon Df, this baby handles low light like nothing I have ever seen. Tomorrow I will she how she holds up to long exposures into the night before we venture onto Peru. 

Landscape Photography

I have recently taken a leap of love into doing more landscape photography. After discovering Neutral Density filters that give a dreamy effect on early morning and later evening photos, I have ambitions of photographing as many landscapes in San Francisco, along the California coast and eventually other far away lands. Here is a few images from a sunrise session last week. 

Mystery of being

As 2013 slowly creeps into 2014, I think it's quite strange we put all our hopes into a new year. I for one have completely embraced my experiences from this past year and the years previous. Be good or be bad, as long as we are learning and striving to be the best human animal we can be, then I think we are doing alright. 

I spent this year on a lot of airplanes, crossing into 8 countries that span across Southeast Asia. In that time of being, I rode trains in foreign lands, boats across the bali sea, climbed volcanoes in the early dawn, played in rice fields, rode moto bikes with the locals and strangers alike, slide down waterfalls, snorkeled with fish, kept an open heart and curious eyes, and within that I experienced endless adventures and breathtaking sites that you can not find here in the states.

Though the moments fade, and we hope to keep the memories dear to us for the eternity of our lives, as we live, we trek forward or we stay stagnant. I believe in the movement of the body to help keep one's soul alive. As time goes on, one thing we can hold onto is the love we have shared, the love and trust I have shared with total strangers that will forever be as close to me from their embracements as are the friends and family I hold to dear to my heart.  

What I have mostly learned this past year and the previous years is that it makes the most sense for you to do and be who you want in this life. As you've only got one life to live. So whatever you want out of this existence, you better get up off your ass and go out and do it before it's all over baby blue. 

As for this next year, I am making efforts to advance in my career as a photographer, and have plans to travel to Peru, Croatia, possibly Madagascar if I can swing it and back to Hawaii for a little reunion with friends. But who knows where i'll go, as long as I am going somewhere, that's alright with me.